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Al Razutis is a multi-media artist, educator and innovator in motion picture film
and video, stereoscopic 3D video, holographic technologies and arts, and web-
digital graphics and virtual reality.

Educated in physics and chemistry, he has brought a combination of technological
interests to his multi-media arts. He created the first holographic art studio in
Canada (Visual Alchemy) and brought holographic art to Canadian audiences for the first time in the late 70’s (including an exhibition in Ottawa on Canada Day,
organized by Lorraine Monk and opened by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau). His
holographic works have been internationally exhibited ever since.

 He is currently developing a unique and next-gen holographic exhibition for
Photographers For Peace, a world photo and holography exhibition conceived
and organized by Lorraine Monk in Toronto. This next-gen holography will feature
digital video hybrid holograms created by Razutis in conjunction with Photonix
Imaging in Toronto, He is also President of Surreality Innovations Inc., and is
developing an educational role-playing-adventure game for next-gen content in
stereoscopic 3D, with future holographic 3D video in mind.

Razutis has been creating and exhibiting avant-garde and documentary films and
video since the late 60’s, holographic displays and art since the early 70’s, and
virtual reality and stereoscopic 3D video art since the 90’s. During this time he
developed custom-made film optical printing, video synthesizer, holographic
recording and imaging technologies used in his published and exhibited works. He
is a ‘hands on’ creator and technical innovator who freely acknowledge those 60’s
– 70’s innovators (Moog, Buchla, Whitney, Brackhage, Cross, Benton and others)
in the technologies and the arts that influenced his creativities.

During the 80’s, Razutis was a tenured Associate Professor at Simon Fraser
University, and headed a film and video department of production and film studies
that steadily produced nationally recognized student achievements. He is a past
publisher of two periodicals on film and holography, and has invented/developed
a number of film, video, holographic and 3D imaging techniques for exhibitions.

His films have received a number of awards, including a 1988 Los Angeles Film
Critics Award, and his media art works are found in a number of international
collections and have been exhibited internationally, including a 1997 stereoscopic
3D video showing the Louvre, a 2002 film-video retrospective at the Electronic
Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany, and a 2004 exhibition of 3D video,
film, video SeNef, Seoul, Korea.

In 2000–01 he was Head of 2D/3D Graphics for the Mission Corporation (Bellevue,
WA) in developments of speech-interactive (avatar-based) graphical interfaces
for next-generation (post PC) environments. He continues to create independent
works in interactive 3D web graphics and installations.

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