Photographers For Peace

3 Major International Photographic Exhibition

1)                             3-D Holography Exhibition


 Al Razutis, 3-D holographic specialist, who will create a multi-million dollar
exhibition on a scale and technological level never before attempted. Razutis
will create a unique celebration of the world’s most celebrated ‘Peacemakers
in a dazzling three-dimensional setting. Approximately 50 women and who
have dedicated their lives to a peaceful solution to global problems will be
celebrated, among them:

Helen Caldicott
Aung San Suu Kyi
Albert Einstein
Wangari Maathal
Terry Fox
Nelson Mandela
Mahatma Ghandi
Raoul Wallenberg
Martin Luther King Jr.
Doctors Without Borders

2)                       The Global Village Family Album

Photographs will be presented in a ‘typical’ family album format – illustrating
the stages of life, from birth to death. It will close with the arrival of a new
generation, to begin the cycle of life all over again.

 The ‘Family Album’ will contain photographs of people from countries all over
the world – people with different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds all
living in harmony, the way the world was meant to be… and must be.

 This exhibition will graphically illustrate the concept:


Photography has made Family of us All


 Television has helped to create what Canadian communications guru Marshall
McLuhan termed the ‘global village’, yet we can become more than mere
neighbours – we can become friends, even family.


3)                         A Documentary Film: We Are One

With photos from each one of the 195 countries which comprise the Global
Village we live in.

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