Photographers For Peace

We Are One!

Photographers For Peace – can change - will change – the way the world looks at itself.  The way the world looks at history.  The 
way the world looks at the future. 

Photography can make a difference.

In a world burdened with the horror and the shame of what the world has brought upon itself – the tragedy of Africa – the awesome destruction in Iraq – the global nuclear danger lurking in the wings there appears to be no escape from the holocaust which threatens to engulf the world.

A Global public has waited passively as politicians around the planet, have built bigger bombs, developed more dangerous military hardware, to unleash its fury when “might is right!”... shakes it violent fist at a vulnerable world.   

Helen Caldicott is right, and we ignore her warnings at grave risk and grave consequences. There will be no survivors – and the living will bitterly envy the dead. 

But – and it is a mountain-sized “But” – there is one small tiny hope.

We can take the first - difficult step. If we hold onto the belief that we can fix a broken planet. We can embrace the fleeting hope that together we can build a better world. If we all pull together – work together – to unite the almost 7 billion people struggling on a crippled planet, with fears that have divided us from the dawn of time. We can build a better world that recognizes that we are one family. We are all one family. We are one. Photography has made family of us all. 

Photography can show us the way. Photographs can inspire us. The power of photography to show us – who we are – where we are – the family ideals that we all hold dear – has never been so urgently needed – to point the way – to open our hearts and our minds to recognize – now – before it is too late.

We Are One!

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